Our Story

The “iGotcha” slogan was birthed from the commitment and love that one man had for his wife. Pastor Sterling Mealancon and his wife, Lady Schwann Mealancon had been married for 16 years when she was diagnosed with a condition named, Pulmonary Fibrosis, incurable lung disease. At the time of the diagnosis the prognosis wasn’t good news, doctors only gave Lady Mealancon 6 months to 1 year, but God had other plans! As years passed Lady Mealancon’s health slowly started to decline, but one constant was her husband, Pastor Mealancon right by her side, encouraging her to keep the faith to preserver. Along with the responsibility of thriving ministry, Pastor Mealancon never missed a beat, always making sure Lady Mealancon was taken care of. Whenever she would start feeling a little self-conscious about her oxygen tank or her wheelchair, Pastor Mealancon would always reassure her with “iGotcha, Cookie no matter what”!
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Newlywed Couples


The Beginners

Your first New Year as a married couple! Are you happy or stressed? Many newlywed couples discover problems are not as easy to solve as you think they should be. Take heart! The beginning of your life together is a wonderful time to re-focus on what should be your first priority—your marriage. The commitment you made to love each through good times and bad will be your guide. But if you need more assistance, find a mentor couple to walk with you by sharing their experience and giving example of healthy relationship skills.

Blended Families


Pulling Together

Knowing that traditional marriage counseling may not address the complex issues exclusive to many Blended Families, I Gotcha focuses on the potential causes and effective solutions that lead to a successful, thriving family. The many issues that are exclusive to blended families can often take its toll on the relationships, joy, peace, and stability they longed for within their home. The mission of I Gotcha Blended ministry is to be a healing place, to be a source of help for today's remarried families, to give guidance concerning all the issues that blended families face and to help remarried couples and their children become the very best family that God intended.

The Caregivers


Love's commitment

It’s no secret that chronic illness affects the entire family. It comes into the home like an uninvited guest and it becomes a team effort to learn to adjust to the changes that transpire. The purpose of I Gotcha Caregivers, is to serve as a support system to those who are caring for a spouse who has a chronic condition. While we all want to be excellent caregivers for our partners, to provide good care we must first care for ourselves.  To neglect our own well-being is to risk burnout, and then we neither serve our partners or ourselves very well. Support for the well spouse is essential to achieving and sustaining this new normal stage in one's life.